I understand the billing practices stated below:

Most edits (minor edits, photo change outs, etc) are covered under most retainer plans.
Larger web edits will be invoiced at market rate.

All billable work will be given an estimate prior to commencement.

Examples of minor edits that ARE included in your web retainer:

Text changes – “please change this with that” (text is provided to us)
Photo replacement – “here is a new photo of __________, please add it to ____ page”
Minor page additions – “we now have layaway/financing, could you create a simple page that says we now offer this service”.

Examples of edits that ARE NOT included in your web retainer and are subject to being billed:

Color palette changes “I remodeled our shop and now have different colors, please change the website around to fit our new color scheme”
Logo changes/edits “I’ve rebranded and now have a new logo – please edit my site to better match my new logo”
New section and/or multiple pages “We are now selling new _____________ and we need a whole new section on our site”